NTU HTML5 Bootcamp 2015


Kaustav Das Modak - @KaustavDM

Soumya Deb - @Debloper

Nick Desaulniers - @LostOracle

Syllabus - Day 1

Syllabus - Day 2

Syllabus - Day 3

Syllabus - Day 4

Where can I find these slides?


GitHub Repo

The Web

Secure execution of remote code.

No gatekeepers to publishing content.

Multiple vendors competing on performance and standards.

Web vs Internet

The Internet is the physical infrastructure connecting all of our devices.

The World Wide Web is software and protocols built on top of the Internet.

We can build applications with Web technologies, even if the physical connection has been severed.

Hello World

            <!DOCTYPE html>
                <meta charset="utf-8"/>
                <p>Hello World!</p>


Writing your code

  • Terminal Based: Vim, Emacs, Nano, Ed
  • GUI: Sublime Text, TextMate, MacVim, Notepad, Notepad++
  • IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, WebIDE
  • WYSIWYG: DreamWeaver
  • Word Processors: Word, Writer

Would recommend against WYSIWYG and Word Processors.

Viewing your code